Laravel Idea 50% Cheaper with PhpStorm Purchase! Active to 23 jun

Laravel Idea 50% Cheaper with PhpStorm Purchase!

Promotion terms and conditions

Promotion Terms:

Promotion Terms:

Take advantage of our special offer! The Laravel Plugin is now available with a 50% DISCOUNT when purchased in a bundle with PhpStorm.

Using PhpStorm with the Laravel Idea plugin ensures high productivity, as you already know.

Creating Laravel applications effortlessly:

  • Code completion for directives, variables, and templates
  • Quick access to blade files from controllers
  • Full auto-completion for fields, relationships, JSON resources

Streamline web development with PhpStorm:

  • Smooth adaptation to PHP versions from v5.2 to v8.2
  • Quick code refactoring with minimal effort
  • Support for Vue, React, and more
  • Integration with Git, GitHub, and pull request browsing
  • Database tools for debugging queries, importing, and more

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