Education and Science

Software for education and science combines many software systems designed for analysis, synthesis and simulation of various types of systems.    

Scientific software tools allow you to automate the work of scientists, engineers and technicians in various fields of human knowledge. A class of programs for education and science expands the capabilities of analytical and numerical calculations, visual programming thanks to precise algorithms, solving mathematical and engineering problems, building models, parallelizing calculations on multi-core systems and preparing interactive documents. Scientific software offered on the software market can be of a wide variety of profiles and degrees of specialization: electronic circuit design systems, a set of applications for chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical and genetic research, computer mathematics systems and graphical data analysis tools. The set of software scientific systems includes well-known and commercially available software from MathWorks, Microsoft, Wolfram, PTC, StatSoft, Maplesoft, CambridgeSoft.

Scientific software resources are increasingly being introduced into the practice of the education system and specialized research. The use of scientific software in the educational process of educational institutions at various stages helps to effectively implement methods of complex analysis and design of dynamic systems, thereby developing new promising forms of obtaining scientific knowledge. Research technologies developed for science and education make it possible to create interactive high-quality training courses and systems for testing student knowledge, as well as conduct innovative experiments that go beyond the curriculum. Software for education and science, created by leading vendors, makes it possible to organize an effective, controlled learning process that promotes better interaction between its participants and improves the quality of teaching in various disciplines.

Educational software licenses are special legal documents regulating the use of software products in educational institutions. These licenses give educational institutions, students, and teachers access to the software with certain privileges and restrictions.    

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