Antivirus and Security

Personal computers and laptops are repositories of personal and, in some cases, confidential information. Anyone could have access to it - through spam mailings, viruses or phishing messages, if not for modern information security systems.

The protection of corporate and personal data, as well as IT systems in general, should be entrusted to corporate anti-virus programs from Symantec, Kaspersky Lab, Trend Micro, Avira, ESET - the world's leading developers.

The functions of a simple antivirus, which can be downloaded for free, are not enough to maintain the security of networks, since the antivirus detects a large number of viruses and eliminates the sources of threat that have already penetrated the system. Email protection systems and antiviruses with a firewall are used as proactive measures. Such utilities block access to the computer and network for malicious programs. Comprehensive network protection solutions that combine a firewall and antivirus are: Panda Internet Security, ESET NOS32 Smart Security, Kaspersky Internet Security.

Such applications as Kaspersky Security for Mail Server and Symantec Mail Security can keep corporate mail servers safe from viruses and spam. Encoder programs play an important role in data protection. These data encryption systems prevent information loss when transferring over the Internet, portable devices and local networks - areas where maintaining security is the most difficult.

Our store allows you to purchase antiviruses as subscriptions for a year or several years, as well as permanent licenses. The catalog also presents a wide range of products, including accessories to ensure complete security: cameras, memory cards, power supplies and batteries, various wires and connection accessories. To make it more convenient for you to choose, the store offers sorting by parameters: time, license, price, pcs. - select items and add them to cart.

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