Work with Text

In the modern world, all users whose professional activities belong to various fields work with texts. They create documents, convert them to various formats, recognize paper documents, prepare for printing, and much more.

Software solutions offered by ABBYY, Kofax, Nuance Dragon, Ashampoo and Nuance for working with electronic documents of various formats allow you to process texts having non-standard encodings correctly and convert non-editable PDF files into editable Word documents while maintaining all formatting features and imported objects, as well as convert files of various formats into PDF documents. Special tools for professional preparation of PDF documents for the press and electronic layouts of printed materials allow you to convert illustrations, change color and font size, compress images, identify typos and spelling errors, and edit texts. 

In everyday activities, you have to enter large amounts of text information published previously. To avoid the inappropriate storage of large amounts of information on plain paper, optical text recognition systems are used to provide a keyboardless method for entering text. Global vendors ABBYY, Kofax and Nuance Dragon produce software for converting paper documentation into electronic form with high accuracy. They also develop solutions for storing, sharing information resources of this kind and intelligently managing them. Programs offered by leading text translation system providers, such as PROMT, help automate the translation of voluminous documents into foreign languages.

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