Network and Internet

Any modern company that uses local and global networks, websites and mail servers to implement virtual communication requires specialized software for the Internet and networks.

A website alone cannot satisfy all the needs for corporate communication. For these purposes, email programs have been created to allow you to fully manage your email. Modern email clients are configured with all kinds of communication systems: IP telephony, SMS, MMS, mobile telephony, fax, conference calling, and more. Such an integrated approach to communication via the Internet and network allows quick and centralized communication. All email clients are configured in accordance with the security policy of a company. The most popular email programs are Microsoft Office Outlook, The Bat!, FossMail.

Effective communication between employees, partners and customers is the cornerstone of a successful business. Online communications provide instant access to information, speed up decision-making processes and facilitate the exchange of ideas. Ensure effective virtual communication between employees anywhere in the world. Our online store provides a wide range of solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of companies of all sizes, such as Microsoft Teams and BlueJeans. These solutions include advanced video conferencing platforms that support HD video quality and multi-user capabilities.

Managing an organization's virtual IT infrastructure requires various server software. Servers allow you to control different aspects of management in the IT infrastructure: communication on the Internet and networks, database maintenance, information exchange, data retrieval, remote access to virtual applications and others. The leading vendors of server software are Microsoft, Citrix, CIMCO, Red Hat, VMware, Altova, etc. These developers offer solutions that combine the availability and security of data, simplicity and complexity of managing any company activities on the Internet and network.

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