Cloud Solutions (SaaS)

Cloud solutions provide an efficient way to deliver technology and applications over the Internet and are best suited to the modern business structure of most organizations. Small and medium-sized businesses are actively implementing SaaS using various hosting services as well as services in such areas as information storage, information security, web hosting, business applications, conferencing and collaboration, desktop applications, sales and marketing, environment development, computing on demand. Delivering SaaS applications through the cloud gives businesses greater flexibility and frees them from technical worries so they can focus on their business.

Benefits of using cloud solutions:

  • Fast implementation and start of service resources and software products
  • No purchase of servers or software licenses is required
  • No need for IT specialists
  • Reliable and centralized storage of business-critical information
  • Availability of solutions that meet current business needs

SaaS-delivered applications can significantly change core business operations, e.g. web-based collaboration systems or SolarWinds Firewall security hosting. Cloud-based SaaS applications provide businesses with greater flexibility and the ability to easily scale up or scale down their resources. The most well-known companies offering cloud services are Microsoft, Amazon,, RackSpace, Google. They provide such services as cloud-based corporate email, document storage, collaboration, web analytics, etc.

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