WinZip Products
  • WinZip, part of the Corel product family, is an industry-leading utility for file compression, encryption, sharing and backup. It is a comprehensive file management solution with intuitive tools and features designed to improve collaboration and productivity while keeping sensitive data safe.

    Millions of companies and consumers around the world use WinZip to simplify file sharing and protect information. WinZip offers applications for all the most popular platforms and devices, giving users the best way to manage and share files in the cloud, via email and instant messaging. The WinZip product line also includes powerful tools to improve system performance and protect Windows and Mac computers. 

    WinZip offers advanced encryption and IT-managed controls to ensure policy compliance. WinZip solutions include advanced, easy-to-use tools for secure file sharing and management, as well as cloud integration and file compression features to increase productivity. WinZip is a reliable partner in protecting sensitive information against modern cyberattacks, trusted by leading organizations in finance, healthcare, legal services and government.

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