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  • Red Giant Software is a visual effects and motion graphics software company. They specialize in creating tools for editors, filmmakers, and motion graphics artists, helping them add professional-looking effects and animation to their projects. Red Giant has differentiated itself in the industry through its artist-driven approach to software creation and its popular training content.

    Red Giant develops solutions that make the filmmaking process faster, more accurate, and just more fun. The company has been empowering filmmakers of all levels for over 20 years. Their commitment extends beyond software development, as they actively contribute to the filmmaking community through innovative short films. These visually striking projects, like the highly acclaimed "Plot Device" by Seth Worley, showcase the capabilities of their tools while captivating audiences.

    Founded in 2002, Red Giant has built a strong reputation with award-winning products like Trapcode, Universe, Supercomp, InstantHD, PluralEyes, Magic Bullet additions Colorista, Cosmo, Film, Mojo, Renoiser, and Denoiser. Their emphasis on user-friendly and efficient tools has made them a staple in the film, broadcast, and advertising industries. This unique combination of powerful yet accessible software, combined with a dedication to inspiring the community, solidifies Red Giant's position as a leader in the creative software landscape.

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