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  • Re:Vision Effects is a software development company specializing in creating plug-in tools for popular video editing and compositing software such as Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. These tools are designed to enhance and manipulate digital video footage and have become today’s visual standard for visual effects.

    The company boasts nearly two decades of expertise crafting software solutions that empower motion picture and video artists to unleash their creative vision. Their acclaim stems from their deep understanding of video image processing, 2D and 3D graphics manipulation, and cutting-edge stereo 3D algorithms.

    Re:Vision Effects' expertise extends beyond software development as they possess a wealth of experience in post-production workflows. To further enrich their creative knowledge, they actively collaborate with leading motion picture effects studios. A prime example is their unique software contribution to the 20th Century Fox film Night at the Museum 2. This innovative tool facilitated the creation of scenes where characters from paintings within a museum exhibit sprung to life and interacted with the real world.

    Re:Vision Effects delivers a remarkable legacy of visual effects innovation. Their contributions include groundbreaking work on the Academy Award-winning film "What Dreams May Come" along with industry-recognized patents for graphics and effects held by Apple and others.  Furthermore, their commitment to user-friendliness has been acknowledged with a 2020 Engineering Emmy and a 2006 Academy Award for technical achievement in the design and development of the RE:Vision software family.

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