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  • Rapid SCADA is an open source industrial automation platform that provides tools for rapid creation of monitoring and control systems. It is a powerful and flexible solution that can be used to develop a wide range of industrial applications. The software was developed by Rapid Software LLC.

    Rapid SCADA's project manager and company founder, Mikhail Shiryaev, Ph.D., embarked on his career in 2001 as a pioneering SCADA software developer.

    Rapid Software LLC boasts a team of seasoned programmers with over a decade of expertise in software development. The programmers continuously refine their skills in cutting-edge technologies and project management methodologies. The team engages with clients worldwide, delivering exceptional service and gathering valuable insights from diverse cultural perspectives.

    Rapid SCADA is used by a wide range of organizations, including:

    • Manufacturers to monitor and control their production lines
    • Utilities to monitor and control their power grids
    • Process industries to monitor and control their chemical plants, oil refineries, and other facilities

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