Nuance Communications, Inc.

Nuance Communications, Inc. Products
  • Nuance Communications, Inc. is a multinational technology company now acquired by Microsoft. They specialize in creating conversational AI and ambient intelligence solutions used in various industries.

    Imagine AI that understands you as naturally as a human. With Nuance, communication gets easier, faster, and more insightful across industries. From healthcare to finance, retail to government, Nuance AI empowers conversations, analyzes data, and unlocks valuable insights. Now, as part of Microsoft, their world-class AI joins forces with cutting-edge technologies to offer even more comprehensive solutions.

    Key offerings include:

    • Conversational AI platforms — Dragon speech recognition, virtual assistants, natural language processing tools
    • Ambient intelligence — AI-powered solutions for analyzing unstructured data from audio, video, and text sources
    • Healthcare solutions — Dictation software for physicians, clinical communication platforms, patient engagement tools
    • Financial services solutions — Fraud detection, customer onboarding, robo-advisors
    • Retail solutions — Personalized recommendations, chatbot customer service, product search optimization

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