Novosoft Products
  • Novosoft has been a software developer for both businesses and individuals since 1992. Their journey began with crafting custom solutions tailored to client needs. Over time, they transitioned to creating packaged software that has garnered worldwide acclaim for its user-friendliness and functionality.

    Key Novosoft Solutions

    • NERPA ERP software empowers businesses to centralize and streamline all aspects of resource planning. This includes managing assets, logistics, sales, warehousing, finances, and employee data
    • RTF TO XML software can convert RTF files, created by programs like Microsoft Word, into a wide range of formats, including XML, PDF, HTML, and more
    • Handy Backup is a reliable and user-friendly software that empowers you to automate backups for all your data types, across any computer or network architecture

    Novosoft, LLC position themselves as a one-stop shop for various IT needs, particularly for businesses looking to improve efficiency, enhance data security, and leverage custom software solutions. Their experience catering to both enterprises and individual users suggests they offer a range of services adaptable to different client scales.

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