MindManager Products
  • MindManager is the flagship software product from Mindjet, a software developer of mind mapping and innovative management solutions. Mindjet’s software products help users visually organize all their business data, improve documentation management and better control their work processes. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. In August 2016, Mindjet MindManager was acquired by Corel Corporation.

    MindManager is a powerful mind mapping tool that helps individuals, teams and enterprises easily organize unstructured information and significantly increase productivity. MindManager provides a set of smart tools and functionalities that help users easily create dynamic mind maps and diagrams. The users can turn their concepts into visual assets to plan and execute projects more effectively, enhance collaboration and streamline business workflows.

    MindManager gives people a clearer insight and greater control over their time and work. Its flexible, intuitive design supports the creative brainstorming process and assists with thinking and understanding. MindManager increases the productivity of each individual and the entire team, simplifying project planning and task management.

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