• Established in 1985, Kofax stands as a prominent U.S. provider of intelligent software designed to streamline and revolutionize business processes. Their Kofax Intelligent Automation platform empowers organizations to tackle information-heavy workflows, significantly decrease manual tasks and errors, achieve cost reduction, and enhance customer interactions.

    In January 2024, a significant chapter unfolded in the nearly four-decade legacy of Kofax. The company embarked on a new identity, transforming into Tungsten Automation. This rebranding signifies the company's evolution and the desire for a brand that better reflects its current capabilities and future ambitions. While the company name changed, Kofax is still widely recognized and used in the industry.

    Leveraging Kofax's innovative software powered by Artificial Intelligence, businesses can effortlessly automate even the most data-heavy workflows across crucial operations. This comprehensive suite of solutions empowers organizations to function with greater intelligence, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

    Kofax offerings include:

    • Software to automate document processing — Capture paper and electronic documents, extract relevant information using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and integrate the data seamlessly into existing systems
    • Tools to enhance workflow efficiency — Automate repetitive tasks, manage approvals, and optimize processes across various departments
    • Security and compliance solutions — Ensure secure document handling and adherence to regulatory requirements

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