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  • JetBrains, founded in February, 2000, is a global software company specializing in creating intelligent, productivity tools for software developers and teams. The company is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, with 12 offices globally. The product catalog covers all stages of the software development cycle, as well as core technologies, programming languages and educational processes.

    JetBrains provides easy-to-use, professional-grade tools that speed up development process and increase productivity. From individuals and students to educational institutions and multinational corporations, JetBrains delivers high-performance software solutions that help developers work faster by automating repetitive tasks and stay focused on code development. JetBrains products provide users with a more productive and simplified software development experience, enabling them to collaborate more efficiently and reduce production time without compromising the quality.

    JetBrains provides solutions for every stage of software development. Developers get access to powerful IDEs, such as PHP IDE, JavaScript IDE, C/C++ IDE and more, as well as to concise and secure programming languages and frameworks. The software product line also includes .NET tools and Video Studio extensions, plus highly productive collaboration platforms.

    JetBrains continually introduces innovative technologies and offers flexible licensing options to suite any customer requirement. This approach ensures that whichever JetBrains product you choose, you will get modern, always up-to-date software that meets all your business needs. 

    JetBrains has won 115+ international industry awards since the turn of the century. Its innovative software is trusted by millions of developers around the world. JetBrains works with other companies, collaborates with many technology partners and has 130+ resellers worldwide.

  • JetBrains offers flexible and convenient licensing options for their products, ensuring that individuals and teams can choose the most suitable option based on their needs. Here are some key licensing options provided by JetBrains:

    Individual Use:

    • Personal: This license is designed for individual developers who will be using JetBrains products for personal projects or non-commercial purposes.
    • Student: JetBrains provides special discounted licenses for students who can verify their educational status.

    Commercial Use:

    • Personal: This license is suitable for individual developers who require JetBrains products for commercial projects where they are the sole user.
    • Commercial Organizations: JetBrains offers various licensing options for businesses and organizations of different sizes. These options include:
    • Individual License: Ideal for small teams or single developers who need a license for commercial use.
    • Business Subscription: Provides access to JetBrains products for multiple users within an organization, with flexible subscription plans based on the number of users.
    • Toolbox Subscription: Offers a comprehensive package of all JetBrains desktop tools under a single subscription, with options for individual users or entire teams.

    Open Source Projects and Non-Profit Organizations:

    JetBrains supports open-source projects and non-profit organizations by providing free licenses for their products. Eligible individuals and organizations can apply for these licenses and enjoy the benefits of JetBrains tools at no cost.

    It's important to note that licensing terms and options may vary depending on the specific JetBrains product and version. It is recommended to visit the JetBrains website or contact their sales team for the most up-to-date and detailed licensing information for the product you are interested in.

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