FileCenter Products
  • FileCenter is a brand and a leading product from Lucion Technologies, LLC. It stands as a testament to the company's two decades of expertise in file organization solutions. This established company boasts a proven track record in delivering user-friendly applications that excel in key areas like OCR, document scanning, PDF conversion, and secure sharing.

    FileCenter is software designed to manage and organize digital documents. It facilitates the conversion of paper documents into searchable PDFs, ensuring efficient storage within its organized folder system. This flagship product consolidates the functionalities of various programs into a single, user-friendly solution. Such a comprehensive approach makes it a compelling choice for businesses seeking to embrace a paperless work environment.  Ultimately, the product is built with the goal of enhancing time management and fostering organizational efficiency.

    The FileCenter family consists of separate applications that run inside of a single interface. Each application works like an individual tool. However, when combined seamlessly within the interface, these applications create a unified workspace, fostering a sense of interconnectedness and streamlined workflow.

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