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  • Video Copilot is a one-stop resource for anyone wanting to learn and enhance their skills in video editing and motion graphics, particularly with the software Adobe After Effects. This valuable learning platform creates tools and training for people who love motion design and visual effects.

    Video Copilot's operation is run by Andrew Kramer, who is the creator and host of the tutorials. Today, Video Copilot plug-ins like Element 3D and Optical Flares are the essential tools for leading visual effects studios and individual designers alike.

    Andrew Kramer, the driving force behind Video Copilot, has leveraged the platform's success to collaborate with major companies and even had the distinct honor of contributing to films and television projects directed by J.J. Abrams, including Star Trek, Super 8, Fringe, and Almost Human.

    Beyond the impressive library of over 150 tutorials, dozens of digital products, and widely-used plug-ins, Video Copilot continues to be actively involved in the film industry. Andrew Kramer remains dedicated to creating exciting new resources and tutorials for the ever-evolving motion design and visual effects community.

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