Trapcode Products
  • Trapcode is a suite of plugins developed by Red Giant Software and specifically designed for Adobe After Effects. These plugins add functionalities to enhance the visual effects capabilities within the software.

    Trapcode empowers After Effects users to:

    • Bring their creative visions to life by generating stunning and intricate visual effects
    • Elevate the visual impact of their projects through the addition of dynamic elements and realistic simulations
    • Enhance their workflow with streamlined tools designed specifically for After Effects

    Trapcode established the reputation of a powerful and user-friendly suite of plugins within the After Effects community. It empowers users to significantly enhance the visual appeal of their projects and streamline their creative workflow. Additionally, Trapcode plugins remain compatible with the latest versions of After Effects and benefit from continuous improvements and bug fixes.

    Currently, Red Giant Software and its products including Trapcode are in acquisition by Maxon Computer GmbH. The merger brought together complementary product lines, allowing Maxon to offer a more comprehensive suite of creative tools to its users.

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