Ontrack Products
  • Ontrack is the data recovery and data destruction business of KLDiscovery, a global provider of ediscovery, information governance and data recovery solutions. Beginning as a software company in 1985, Ontrack has grown into a global, consultative data solution company. Success in the software industry with the Disk Manager product led the company to recovering data from damaged hard disk drives and resulted in the formation of Ontrack Data Recovery in 1987. Today, Ontrack performs thousands of data recoveries annually across a wide arrange of media types (hard drives, servers, RAID, tape, email, SSD/flash, mobile), and Ontrack continues to pioneer many of the tools and techniques used in the data recovery industry.

    Ontrack has developed hundreds of proprietary solutions to recover data from tapes, hard drives, solid state drives, flash media, mobile devices, virtual environments, operating systems and a myriad of other storage devices. Ontrack serves its clients through in-lab, remote and do-it-yourself capabilities that meet the direct need of consumers, businesses and the enterprise. It also offers customized solutions to address complex, high-end enterprise environments and newly-emerging technologies.

    In addition to data recovery, Ontrack offers secure erasure software and services to permanently erase all traces of information from media prior to disposal, essentially protecting sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Finally, the Ontrack PowerControls suite of products empowers the ability to search, collect, recover, restore and manage data efficiently across Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint and SQL.

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