Navicat Products
  • PremiumSoft was founded in 1999 and develops a wide variety of applications for Windows, macOS, Linux and iOS. PremiumSoft delivers the Navicat product line that helps develop, administer, and optimize various databases. Navicat is the choice of over 3 million database users all over the world. More than 40% of the Fortune 500 rely on Navicat every day.

    Navicat is a multi-connections Database Administration tool allowing  connection to MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server, MariaDB and/or MongoDB databases, making database administration to multiple kinds of database very easy. It also can manage cloud databases such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, Alibaba Cloud. Features in Navicat are sophisticated enough to provide professional developers for all their specific needs, yet easy to learn for users who are new to database server.

    The company's customers include numerous Fortune 500 companies, government departments, educational institutions from preschools to universities, system integrators, and commercial/non-profit organizations in a variety of markets including information technology, retail, medical, transportation services/logistics, hospitality, banking, manufacturing, and more.

    Some of the major customers include Apple Inc., Google Inc., Oracle, Intel, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Accenture, HP, IBM, Ebay, Samsung, Sony, JP Morgan, KPMG, Barclays, DHL, Federal Express, General Electric, and many more.

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