FlipBuilder Products
  • Headquartered in Hong Kong, FlipBuilder specializes in providing innovative and professional digital publishing solutions. Their program and hosting service are designed to be user-friendly and comprehensive, making it easy for you to convert your static PDFs into dynamic online flipbooks.

    Established in 2007, FlipBuilder has empowered millions of individuals and businesses to create professional and impactful digital publications. Their user-friendly platform eliminates the need for coding expertise, allowing anyone to convert PDFs, enrich them with multimedia elements like audio, video, and hyperlinks, and publish them across various platforms and channels. In 2010, FlipBuilder added a hosting service to make it simpler for users to share their flipbooks.

    FlipBuilder is your go-to solution for bringing multi-page documents to life. Whether you're creating eBooks, reports, presentations, or anything else, their program creates engaging flipbooks that captivate your audience. And with their dedication to continuous improvement, you can always count on cutting-edge features.

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