EdrawSoft Products
  • EdrawSoft is a software company focusing on diagramming and visual communication software. The headquarters of the company are in Hong Kong. Edraw dedicates themselves to developing software that empowers users to achieve clear communication and efficiency.

    Their comprehensive product line offers a variety of powerful diagramming tools, enabling you to visually represent complex ideas, document and organize intricate processes and systems, and ultimately boost overall efficiency and accessibility. By simplifying the visualization of complex concepts, Edraw empowers individuals and teams to create clear and concise business and technical diagrams, fostering effective communication and smooth collaboration across various projects. 

    EdrawSoft's flagship product, EdrawMax, is a versatile diagramming tool that caters to various needs. Whether you need to create flowcharts, mind maps, or technical illustrations, EdrawMax offers a comprehensive set of features and templates to help you visualize your ideas effectively. EdrawMind is used specifically for brainstorming and organizing thoughts through mind mapping, while EdrawInfo empowers users to create impactful presentations, infographics, and other graphic design elements. For project management, EdrawProj offers a visual approach to planning, tracking, and managing projects, streamlining workflows and boosting productivity.

    EdrawSoft's software is used by individuals and businesses of all sizes. The user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and multilingual support make their products accessible to a global audience, helping users effectively communicate their ideas visually.

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